Vote early NOW through Nov. 3. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Improvement Bonds
Pension Bond
Why It Matters

Let’s finally fix the pension mess and focus on rebuilding our city.

On November 7, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lift up our families, lift up our neighborhoods and lift up our city by voting FOR the city bonds.

A vote FOR the city bonds is a vote for more good jobs, upgraded parks and neighborhood playgrounds, critical investments in police and fire stations and equipment and historic reforms to our public pension system that will protect worker’s retirements and save billions of dollars for taxpayers.

That’s why Mayor Sylvester Turner and a broad coalition of local businesses, safety experts, faith leaders, non-profit groups, labor organizations, Democrats, Republicans and thousands of your neighbors are coming together to lift up our city.

On November 7, vote FOR the City Bonds, Houston Propositions A through E!

What’s on the Ballot?

Revenue Cap Repeal

Pension Bond

Democrats, Republicans, business leaders, labor unions and public safety groups came together this year to end to Houston’s pension crisis. The legislature passed the plan and now the final approval is up to the voters. The plan pays off the city’s pension debt, protects retirements for city workers and caps the city’s future costs. The $1 billion pension obligation bond will lock in $1.8 billion in savings.

Pension Bond

Improvement Bonds

Houstonians will vote on five propositions for a total of $490 million in city improvement bonds to upgrade neighborhood police and fire stations, parks and playgrounds, multi-service centers, health clinics and libraries. Passing these propositions will make Houston safer, create new jobs and make our economy stronger – all without raising taxes.

On November 7, Vote FOR the City Bonds.